Gillette brand information

Gillette Rasierer und Rasierzubehör

Manufacturing company:
Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble Service GmbH
Sulzbacher Str. 40
65824 Schwalbach am Taunus


In 1901 King C. Gillette developed a groundbreaking innovation: an extremely thin and strong disposable razor blade at the time.

In 1971, Gillette manufactured the Trac II, the first shaving system with two blades. Just five years later, Gillette introduced the Atra / Contour System, the first double-blade shaving block with a swing head. This made it possible to shave much more thoroughly, as the blades adapt better to the contours of the face.

In 1990, Gillette launched the Sensor - the first razor with double blades mounted on highly sensitive springs that automatically adapt to every face. The company continued to develop its products and launched the Gillette Mach3 shaver in 1998. The innovative three-blade technology enables an even gentler and more thorough shave.

With the Gillette M3 Power, the world's first wet shaving system with battery technology came onto the market in 2004. Micropulses support the razor's sliding process, making shaving even more comfortable.

In 2014, Gillette revolutionized body shaving with the Gillette Body. The wet razor, specially developed for male terrain, adapts ideally to the contours of the body and shaves particularly thoroughly and with less skin irritation.

The latest development from Gillette is the Gillette ProShield shaver. Equipped with two Lubra strips before and after the blades, lubricants are released during shaving and offer optimal gliding and perfect skin protection.

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