Body shave: How much should man be shaved?

body shave for menGerman men, especially those between the ages of 18 and 35, prefer to have as little body hair as possible. They shave their breasts, armpits, genitals and even their legs and arms regularly. According to the statistics portal, intimate shaving is still ahead of breast shaving. But is a smoothly shaved upper body still the beauty ideal for men?

Body care and styling increasingly important

Until the 1990s, a hairy chest and basically body hair in men was an expression of strong masculinity. But this has changed fundamentally since the end of the last century. The man of today attaches particular importance to body styling. This means shaved or at least trimmed body hair. Surveys and studies have shown that the majority of German men today are more intensively concerned with questions of styling and proper care than they were 20 years ago. In the meantime, body shaving for men has become a lifestyle issue and often an integral part of regular care. Whereas in the past it was mainly sports aspects, such as running or swimming, that were decisive, today it is mainly aesthetic and hygienic reasons.

Young women prefer a shaved male body

But women also prefer a well-groomed man with shaved or at least trimmed body hair. The majority of women find hair on the back and shoulders as well as under the armpits particularly repulsive. In the case of the breast, however, opinions differ. Above all women in the higher age (50+) feel a hairy chest still as attractive. The situation is similar in the genital area. Younger women prefer completely smooth skin. Hair on legs and arms does not bother any woman too much.

In Germany, more than half of all men shave or trim their body hair regularly - to the delight of the big razor blade manufacturers Gillette and Wilkinson. They are constantly bringing new shavers onto the market that have been specially developed for men's body shaving. The best-known example is probably the Gillette Body shaver. The aim is to make shaving different parts of the body even more comfortable and thorough for modern and care-conscious men.

5 steps for a perfect body shave

1. Preparation
Place the required utensils (razor + shaving gel) within reach and wash the body parts to be shaved with warm water and some shower gel. Shaving is best done in the shower.

2. Shaving Gel
Now apply the shaving gel generously to the washed parts of the body. We recommend shaving gel & foam from Gillette for a pleasant shave.

3. Shaving
We recommend the Gillette BODY5 shaver for a gentle and thorough shave. Let the razor glide gently over the skin. First check whether the blade should be changed. You can usually tell by the Lubrastrip on the blade head. If this has already faded, you should use a new blade.

4. Take a shower
After shaving, shower thoroughly until all shaving residue has been removed and dry yourself with a towel.

5. Final Care
Finally, you should apply a moisturiser to soothe the skin and prevent irritation.

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Our recommendation for body shaving

Gillette BODY5 body razorIn our store you will find everything you need for the perfect body shave. We recommend the advanced 5-blade system razor Gillette BODY5 with the matching body razor blades*. Use Gillette shaving gel for optimal glide.

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