Original vs. Fake - How can you recognize original razor blades?

Unfortunately, counterfeit razor blades are very common. It is often difficult to distinguish them from the original. For this reason we have listed a few features below using the example of Gilllette Fusion razor blades, which show whether they are original razor blades or not.

1. Serial Number

Blades from Gillette are marked with a short serial number behind the lamellas on the blade frame (one letter and four numbers on the left and right sides, respectively). In the case of counterfeit goods, such a serial number is usually not to be found.

Serial Number on Razor Blade

2. Quality of the Blades

Original razor blades from Gillette are of very high quality and have an extremely sharp blade. The blades of the Gillette Fusion razor blades are perfectly parallel to each other and fit tightly in the frame. In addition, the weld spots on the blades should be oval and the surface smooth and clean. Round or angular weld spots or slight traces of rust or impurities on the blade are most likely plagiarism.

Quality of the razor blade

3. Blade Attachment

Here a clean and precise processing is to be paid attention to. The attachment for attaching the blade with the shaving handle must be made very precisely, especially the shapes of the notches. If the blade attachment is unclean and appears to be rounded and smoothed, this is a sign of forgery.
blade attachment

4. Packing

The packaging design of original Gillette razor blades features high print and colour quality. In addition, the packaging must bear the "Fusion" logo as a relief in a bulbous shape. If the relief is only pressed in flat and the packaging has a rather poor print quality (slight blur as well as faded or deviating colours), a counterfeit can be assumed.

Packing razor blades

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