Shaving Gel or Foam

Shaving foam and shaving gelA modern wet razor with a 5-blade shaving system and moisturising lubrastrip alone is not enough for a pleasantly gentle shave. To avoid skin irritation, shaving foam or gel should also be used. But is the usually somewhat more expensive shaving gel better than the classic foam?

Shaving foam - the affordable classic

With shaving foam, the finished foam comes out of the can and can be applied directly. After a short application time you can start shaving immediately without having to follow any further steps. However, it is recommended to moisten the skin with warm water before application.

Shaving gel as a better alternative?

The shaving gel is not immediately applicable, because it comes in a firmer consistency from the can. Before you start shaving, mix the gel with water on your face to turn it into foam. Only then does the gel begin to soften the beard hair.

In conclusion, it can be said that both shaving foam and shaving gel are kind to the skin, ensure better gliding and thus prevent skin irritation. Since the shaving gel has to be massaged in for a longer time before it foams up, the beard hair is softened better. This allows the hair to be shaved even more thoroughly and gently. Shaving gel is usually also more productive than the foam. Thus, the often more expensive price is justified.

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