Useful tips for shaving

Find out here which tips will make shaving even more comfortable and read useful information about shaving. We provide answers to frequently asked questions.
How can I avoid razor burn?
The use of blunt razor blades is a major tool for razor burn. If the blades show signs of excessive wear, they should be replaced. The preparation of the skin is also very important. Clean your face or body areas that you want to shave thoroughly with warm water beforehand. Dead skin cells can block the razor. Use enough shaving foam for a clean shave result.
Is shaving gel better than shaving foam?
With shaving foam, the finished foam comes out of the can and can be applied directly. After a short application time you can start shaving immediately without having to follow any further steps. However, it is recommended to moisten the skin with warm water before application.
The shaving gel is not immediately applicable, because it comes in a firmer consistency from the can. Before you start shaving, mix the gel with water on your face to turn it into foam. Only then does the gel begin to soften the beard hair. Overall, however, the gel is more productive and softens the hair better by the longer massage. This also justifies the usually somewhat more expensive price of the shaving gel.

What can I do with strong or curly beard growth?
First you should use a shaving gel or a shaving foam that is suitable for strong beard growth. It is a good idea to use a high quality multiple blade system as the blades are closer together to reduce pressure on the skin and make shaving more comfortable. A daily shave as well as the regular replacement of blunt razor blades reduce skin irritation and possible itching when the beard hair grows.

Should I use warm or cold water for shaving?
Warm water is better for softening the skin and beard hairs.

Does frequent shaving lead to denser beard growth?
In scientific studies with different test series it was examined whether male hair changes in growth, color, density and structure by shaving. The result was that shaving had no effect on the density of the hair. Only the shape of the re-grown hair tips can feel different. However, once the hair has fully regrown, you will return to its previous condition.

How do I prevent hair from growing in (shaving pimples)?
It is often said that frequent shaving should be avoided in order to reduce the formation of shaving spots. However, this is a misunderstanding. In fact, a daily shave keeps the stubble short and prevents hair from growing into the skin.

Should I shave with or against the grain?
It is recommended to shave with light pressure in the direction of hair growth. Since beard hairs often grow in different directions or form small vertebrae, this is sometimes difficult. A shave against the line is just as possible and leads to a thorough shave result.

What do I have to consider when shaving my body?
The body is a more difficult terrain to shave because of its different contours and texture. For a gentle and thorough shave, it is recommended to use a 5-blade razor system instead of a disposable razor with only one blade. The Gillette Body Shaver is specially designed for body shaving and should be used for this purpose. The comfortable rounded blade head and three Lubrastrips allow the razor head to glide better over the skin and adapt optimally to the contours of the body. Learn more about body shaving.

What is the difference between a disposable razor and a reusable razor?
As the name suggests, a disposable razor is completely disposed of after the razor blades have worn out. Returnable razors, on the other hand, have interchangeable razor heads, such as the Mach3 and Fusion ProGlide razors from GILLETTE or various WILKINSON razors, such as the Quattro or Hydro5 razor.
Do you have to go to the beauty salon to get smooth skin?
There are certainly several options regarding hair removal. But one of the most effective and quickest options to keep the skin smooth and soft is wet shaving. In addition, you save unnecessary costs and are flexible in terms of time.

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